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Simp-Q XS

Simp-Q XS

The Simp-Q XS is our smallest and most compact studio.  It’s waterproof nylon canvas and stylish design makes it perfect for travel. 

Takes only minutes to set up and pack away

Light and compact. Easy to transport and store

Ideal lighting (uses 5500k color temperature daylight balance lights)

Includes 3 reflective boards that allow you to take photos from different angles

Choose from a white or black background

Made from washable PP material

Even light reflection reduces shadows

Portrays accurate color and detail.
  • Details

    Open Size: 15.5 W x 18.5 D x 14.1 H inch
    Photography Area: 8.2 W x 5.3 D x 5.9 H inch
    Background x 2 (black and white)
    Diffusion sheet x 1
    Hanging rod x 2
    Light: 2 x8 w
    Reflection board x 3
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