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In 2006, SimpQ founder, Mr. Haizan Shaw, introduced a revolutionary idea to the photography world. Mr Shaw, with over 40 years experience in product design, created a light box that brought together all the elements necessary for the perfect photograph, lighting sources, backgrounds and reflectors, and successfully packed them into one lightweight collapsible suitcase. What he created has the power to change the way you advertise your products to the world.


It only takes a few minutes to shoot professional-looking HD photos, by people who have no photographic technique and want to shoot high quality commodity photographs.


Mr. Haizan Shaw has more than 40 years experience in providing product design and packaging design for many well-known companies worldwide, and is awarded by Design Awards in the states repeatedly. He has been invited to serve domestic and foreign institutions as a professor of product design. Mr. Haizan Shaw is also a famous photography master, who spent eight years studying at the American School of photography, and holds several solo photography exhibitions.


“Nowadays, people's cognition and requirements for photographic performance increase day by day, which causes everyone to buy a better camera as well as a sharper lens, but not to spend time and money learning photography skills. A point-and-shoot camera was born basically for solving this problem. However, simply having a point-and-shoot camera or a DSLR camera is not a solution in itself, and it requires a proper photographic environment. So it is a must to buy a strong & tender light source with accurate colour reproduction and a photo studio.


However, most photo studios in the market are designed for professional photographers. For the majority of small to medium sized businesses, if they were to take the photos themselves, it's extremely difficult during actual shooting to control the light sources. Therefore, people buy better cameras but do not learn shooting skills to improve their photography.


The prices associated with hiring a photographer and his/her studio have proved prohibitive in the past, not any more. Buy a SimpQ portable photo studio, and take the photos you have always dreamed of taking to make sure your products stand out from the crowd.

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