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Minimize Glare! Minimize Shadow!

The high quality plastic reflective coating inside provides an even distribution of light. While the 5500 Kelvin lighting simulate daylight to give uniform illumination resulting in high quality images with mininal glares or shadows.





All in One!

With SimpQ around all you need is a camera and tripod! SimpQ photo studios comes with lamps, backgrounds, reflectors and filters freeing you from having to use additional devices for shooting.












Easy to Shoot

To use SimpQ one doesn't require any special skills. It's ease of uses allows anyone the ability to create great pictures even with the uses of compact cameras.





Save Time and Space

SimpQ photo studios drastically reduces the time it takes to set up for a photo session while also minimizing the space required to take a professional quality shots. 



Compact and Lightweight

Build a mini studio in minutes! Being compact and lighweight, SimpQ photo studios take up very little space when in uses but can be easily stored away or transported as well.








Sturdy & Durable!

SimpQ is made of plastic so it does not wear down or break easily.  Unlike light tents, it's durable material is easy to clean.













Saves Money !

You can save paying huge sums of money to professional photographers by taking professional quality product shots yourself!






Photos Limited Only by Your Imagination!

Incorporate your own backgrounds or materials into your SimQ to take artistic shots and achieve stunning effects!

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