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What are Simp-Q Photo studios?

Simp-Q Photo Studios are a range of specially designed light boxes that provide the optimal lighting and backgrounds to take pictures with accurate color reproduction and high detail.


How much time does one need to set up the Simp-Q Studio?
You can set up the Simp-Q Studio within minutes!


Are the Simp-Q Studios easy to carry?
Yes, all models of Simp-Q's mobile photo studios have a modular design that easily folds in to a shape of a briefcase making them portable and very easy to carry while taking up very little space when needed to be stored.


How easy is it to start shooting with a Simp-Q photo studio?

Even if you have no experience in photography, working with a Simp-Q photo studios is very easy.  Each kit contains everything needed to install and run the studio, no additional lighting required. To set up the photo studio for a shoot, minimum time or working space is required. In just minutes, the case converts into a comfortable studio for shooting objects.


There are several different kinds of SimpQ photo studios.  How to choose the right one?

The major differences between the different Simp-Q photo studios are their size and portability. Determine how large the items you plan to take pictures of and select the model with enough space to shoot them.  


Do I need to be a professional photographer to use the Simp-Q photo studio?

Absolutely not! Simp-Q studios have been designed to meet the needs of professional photographers, but does not require knowledge or experience in photography. Just follow the supplied instructions, and as a result, anyone can take pictures at a professional level.


How do I clean the surface of the Simp-Q studios should it get dirty?

The main components used in Simp-Q Photo Studios are made of plastic and can easily be cleaned.  If the background and reflectors were soiled, immediately clean the dirty areas with a sponge using a liquid dishwashing detergent, and then wipe with a damp cloth.

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